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My list of places to go this summer.Places you can head to and escape the heat...almost. Places  filled with natural beauty.Wouldn't it be nice to stroll through orchards,walk through  pine forests,go rock climbing,boating,roll in the snow or just relax under a tree far-away from the crowds and so close to nature?
In this post are vacation spots across India.Check out these summer destinations and enjoy your vacation.


The monsoon season is usually from June -September in the hilly regions.Roads maybe slippery in some places.Do check before you go. Also,with such things as global warming these days,it's always a good idea to check weather conditions before you travel,so you don't turn up at a cold place hoping to play in the snow -only to find the snow has melted and the sun is shining bright!

Auli(3049mtrs)  is a popular ski town in Uttarakhand on the Badrinath route,it's a long uphill journey but,the views are great and in the area there's a cable car(4km long) and ski lift.Sking season is in winter.You could even go treking if you like.Summer is from March-June.It's 498km from Delhi to Auli.

Landsdowne in Uttarakhand, This is 228km from Delhi , cool in summer and a 5hr road trip.This makes for a quick getaway and a lovely vacation amist nature.Only a few hotels there so check before heading out.

Manali in Himachal Pradesh-585km from Delhi is a very good place to vacation in,it's cool in summer(mar-jun) and very cold in winter.Lots of hotels in the area.

Rohtang pass(snow point) is a little away from Manali(51km) at a hight of 4000 +mtrs,this is open from may to november.Here you can play in the snow and take in the views of the himalayas.

Thanedar and Kotgarh 17km fromNarkanda Himachal Pradesh,about 76km from Shimla is home to apple orchards and in summers(apr-jun) the trees are full of apples,stroll through the orchards or head to a nearby lake in Tannu Jubbar.A beautiful place to enjoy your holidays.A few hotels around Narkanda,Thanedar and Kotgarh.

Dalhousie in Himachal Pradesh is 302km from Chandigarh in Punjab and 80 kms from Pathankot train staion-a charming location to holiday in all year round,very cold in winter and cool in summer,around 25 degrees centigrade in summer.Best to go before may as it rains from June-September.
KOSI RIVER-Uttarakhand

Satoli - Uttarakhand is a charming little village 2000mtrs in the Kumaon hills,the climate is cool and the views great.About Satoli village all I can say is go see it for yourself,Walk past orchards of apricot,apple,pear and plum to reach the eco-resort called Sonapani,a place you'll fall in love with.I just got back from a short vacation there and had a wonderful time.Hike in the forests around the resort if you will,but don't go too far ,there are wild animals in these parts, I found none on my hike though.Hike in groups and enjoy views of the himalayan ranges. Read under the trees or take in the great views of the himalayas from Sonapani.I recommend this place to everyone. Checkout their website for details.


Fruit in the orchard

Mukteswar in Uttarakhand is just too pretty and wild at the same time.Stay anywhere in the area and enjoy views of the himalayan ranges.Fruit orchards , lots of natural beauty and a cool climate is worth the 40 + km drive from Nanital-which is very crowded these days.Bhimtal and Naukuchiatal en route are lovely places famous for their lakes.
And a little away from Mukteswar,Binsar and Kasauni are also worth a visit.These are all lovely places in and around Mukteswar.

Munnar in Kerala is a pretty hill station filled with tea gardens,forests and great views,130km from Cochin railway station.The climate is cool in summer(mar-may)Many hotels in the area.

Ooty lake
in Tamil nadu is cool all year round,summers are from march to may.Lots of places to see and things to do.Ride the toy train if you can for 5hrs or go on a short 1hr trip from Ooty -Coonoor by the toy train.Get away from the crowds and stay a few kms from the main town to really enjoy some peace and quite.Many hotels in Ooty,Fernhill palace is a fine luxury hotel and Darshan hotel is a wonderful budget hotel.I've checked out both on my recent travel there.

Kodaikanal also in Tamil nadu is a charming hill station.Cool all year round ,go boating on the lake, visit the botanical garden and just chill.Shop for chocolates,oils and local handicrafts.Many hotels in this place.

Andaman Islands in the south makes for a splendid beach vacation,this is a group of Islands in the Indian ocean.Summers are from march to may,after that the monsoon season starts.Temperatures here are around 31 degrees in summer.May be humid though.Go by flight or ship. Try out the water sports or just relax on a hammock under a palm tree on the beach.

The north east:

is a great area to checkout,hospitable people and abounding in natural beauty,this place is high up on my list of must see places.Hilly terrain,many rivers,valleys and in the upper reaches almost alpine climate prevails.

There you have it,a list of  summer holiday destinations that I love.Take your pick and bon voyage!


  1. Oh, I wish I had the time and money to travel. I'm glad I have the farm... it's like being on vacation all the time! I'm also glad you share your adventures with us.

  2. Charmine, there are so many interesting places to visit. I can understand why you enjoy traveling so much. We did a little traveling last month but our destinations were not nearly as exotic as yours.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing these 16 summer destinations in india. I hope soon I can visit one of vacation destination posted in your blog. Keep on sharing!

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